Glyfada is in the middle of Corfu on the west coast and lies about 16km from the capital Kerkyra.
It generally takes about half an hour in the car to make the trip across the island to the main town and about the same for the airport.
The best thing about Glyfada, and the main reason that people choose to stay here is that it’s based around one of the best beaches in Corfu, the beach has soft golden sand and imposing cliffs surrounding it.
It also has plenty of sun loungers available and water sports to keep everyone busy throughout the day.
Menigos resort, Glyfada is a small and relatively quiet resort, there are no late night bars or clubs or any other lively midnight entertainment.
If you want a night out then it’s simple enough to head over to Kerkyra where you’ll find a lot more to keep all ages entertained.
Buses from here go to Corfu Town, passing Aqualand, the largest water park on the island, and also going near the golf course in the Ropa Valley.
Glyfada isn't just about the great beach, there's also Mirtiotissa beach, which is a small beach often frequented by nudists that’s just a couple of minutes up the road.
As well as these, there are also some fantastic walking trails in the woods around the village.
If you have a car then you can travel to nearby Pelekas which is just 10 minutes drive away.
It's a traditional Greek village that’s become a bit of a hub for backpackers.